Strangest Things Found Inside Cheap Chinese Products

Smartphones start flagging after four or five several hours of regular web browsing or video watching, so this means that remembering to load up a charging cable is, for some, almost as essential as the device itself.

Thankfully, dozens of electronics makers have answered to this problem by launching pocket-sized mobile battery packs that provides smartphones with a full charge simply by plugging in a cable, stopping their gizmo from drifting off to sleep on them. Wish not sure a few of bags of fine sand will provide all that much energy, though.

A single lithium-ion battery seated alongside two small luggage of sand were everything awaited one unfortunate buyer from Taiwan recently after their purchase of a counterfeit Shenzen external electric battery. Due to small battery pack inside, the device can, theoretically, be charged, but apart from showing customers in stores or at a marketplace that the system works, the thing is about as useful as a paperweight.

China is famous for manufacturing fake goods, but this is a little excessive. In first glance, these walnuts look like normal, each day unshelled walnuts. But once broken in half, rather than an excellant, nutty treat, unsuspecting buyers will be unpleasantly surprised to find a rock sandwiched involving the walnut shells.

The deal of rock walnuts is becoming so prevalent in China there is even a popular video online titled, “How to position a fake walnut and the return of making fake walnuts. “According to the video, a false walnut is dry and won’t make an audio when cracked.

In 2007, a man wonderful son got a smelly surprise when they opened a punching tote that they had purchased earlier that year. The man and his son were moving a TKO brand heaving punching bag off their storage area to the basement when they decided to see what was inside in case the bag later leaked out. But, rather than sand or plastic pellets, they found the handbag was filled with men’s and women’s underwear… some of them were used ones.

Next time you consider about buying a power bank, go for the branded ones, not the cheap ones. A few user on Youtube actually uncovered that inside his cheap power bank, only one of 4 li (symbol) ion cells that was linked to the signal. Curious enough to discover why the other three were not connected, he made a decision to open them up. Delight, surprise! The other 3 cells were actually filled up with sand!

A Russian guy bought a 500GB external hard drive from China for a “very, very low price. “He thought at first that it was very much, until he copied the 1. 5GB movie to the drive.

What’s the problem? In some manner only the last few minutes of the movie were being stored. Thus he took it to a local repair shop, and when the people took the disk apart, they found a little 128MB thumb drive running in a loop, emptying itself when storage is full.

Extraordinary. The Chinese engineers are smart. Each uses large metal nuts to get some traditional “weighting” for the external hard drive, and these large nuts could also hold the 128MB flash drive firmly. And with the continuous hook feature, this external hard drive could provide boundless capacity.