Strangest Reasons To End Up Being Arrested

Seemingly, rain isn’t free and you could actually go to imprisonment for collecting it. This kind of is what one man from Oregon found. This individual was sentenced to twenty five days in jail for collecting rain water in barrels.

Having been actually using them to put out wild fires because the region where he lives is at risk of them. The state of Oregon said those barrels he was using were illegitimate reservoirs and he spent 40 days in jail, all because he refused to stop using them to accumulate the rain normal water.

Although he did try to get permits for the barrels, his need was denied, so this individual did his time and still collects rain normal water.

A girl and a man were stopped during a tedious traffic stop when authorities officers noticed two pubs of what appeared to be cocaine. The girl told them they were homemade soap, however, field tests were done and the tests came again positive for cocaine.

The man and woman put in a month in imprisonment because they were not able to post their bail. The charges were finally dropped after the lab test results arrived back showing there was no traces of any illegitimate substances on the pubs, this is probably because they were actually cleaning soap.

A male from North Carolina found away that speech isn’t exactly free like they say it is. The man in question said the F-bomb in public, with a North Carolina law enforcement officer hearing him and decided to arrest him for saying the bane word in public.

The New york man was released without bond. On the other hand, when he went to his court appearance, the judge sentenced him to week in jail. Even though having been sentenced for cursing in public areas, the judge allowed him to provide his time at home while wearing a monitoring device.

A single woman got arrested for drunk driving and reaching a car. However, this isn’t precisely what is the stupid part. The lady innocently went on Fb to make fun of herself with a standing up update, letting everyone know she got arrested for drunk driving.

A judge heard bout the Facebook position and ordered her to delete her account. When ever she refused, he provided her 2 days in jail for not removing her Facebook account.

A New You are able to City police officer who had presumably looked at a little too much “Breaking Bad” arrested 3 men in 2013, recharging them with drug ownership after finding some “crystalline rocks of solid material” on the suspects.

One particular of the men said these people were Jolly Ranchers, still in their wrappers, but the officer thought they might be meth. Once again, a field test apparently happened and came back again positive, which has been enough to put those three at the rear of bars for 24 several hours.

When further lab assessments came back negative, the suspects were released. 3 later filed a legal action against the NYPD, and received a $33, 1000 settlement.

One particular woman was pulled over during a routine traffic stop. However, when they pulled her over, they found a spoon worried about a plastic tote covered in an unidentified residue. If the police did a field test on it, the remains went back positive for methamphetamine.

Nevertheless , the woman believed it was just other O’s that she was eating and the table spoon was borrowed from a friend. She claimed your woman was going to take the spoon home and wash it so the lady could return it to her friend. Yet , because the residue returned positive for methamphetamine, she concluded up being arrested.

The girl spent two weeks in jail before she was released. She was later put back in imprisonment until the lab results went back on the deposits on the spoon, spending per month and a 1 / 2 in jail.

Apparently, those field tests police do aren’t that great because, as it turns away, promoted was spaghetti O’s onto her spoon.

Found in Lake County, Florida, in 2013, a homeless female was arrested and imposed with disorderly conduct after allegedly “dancing in a vulgar manner” in front side of a school shuttle bus packed with children.

The arresting officer claimed she was also screaming
profanities at the bus. The girl was launched from arrest after posting a $250 bond.