Problems Of Scale In The Living Room

Sometimes a living room looks too crowded. This is often because there is too much furniture, or because it is too large.

You will get clear of some furniture (for example, by having simply a sofa and an chair, rather than a three-piece suite). You will get new, smaller furniture. Or else you can position the furniture differently.

Try pulling your room on chart paper (on a range of just one: 20), cutting out squares and rectangles in the condition and size of your furniture (also on one particular: 20), and moving them around to see if they will fit better by using a different layout. This kind of avoids having to drive furniture around the room.

If you plan to buy new furniture, you can cut out the size quoted in the company’s brochure, and move the rectangle around on your plan. This will help to you check that the furniture is the right size for your room.

To generate more space, you can use collapsible furniture that is merely presented when you have guests. For example, you could have a painting table or a trestle table (covered with a tablecloth, they are really indistinguishable from any other table).

Ways To Give Your Room More Style

1. Co-ordinate the shades.

Make sure that the colour scheme is in harmony. You can have bright or restful colors, nonetheless they should be related to one another. Observe Module on matching shades.

You will probably have to keep some items in the room, possibly the carpet and the sofa. Work with matching everything else in the room to people colours. You can more easily change pictures or the colour of your curtains.

2. Remove the clutter.

Hide away all the messy items. Eliminate unnecessary ornaments and mess.

3. Organise a focal point.

The main point of a living room is often the fireplace. Some houses from the 1960s lack a fireplace, while 1950s residences often have small dark tiles. So don’t be afraid to throw away an ugly fireplace, and install something more beautiful.

Black cast iron wood-burning stoves often call and make an attractive central point, and wood is a cleaner fuel than coal.

If you may have a fire, you can mock one up. The simplest solution is to add a wooden fire surround, something you can buy any kind of time big DO-IT-YOURSELF store. You will need to paint the wall black where the fire would go.

On the other hand, get a builder or handyman to build a ‘chimney breast’ out of plasterboard, and then stay a fire on to it. You can add a grate from an architectural antiques yard. One other solution is to add a realistic looking gas fire, again in an exceedingly fire place.

4. Display your secrets.

Nice carpets and picture may announce that you have been a person of taste, nonetheless they don’t say much about your personality. Most of us gather objects that contain emotional value, such as family photos.

And many of us gather things we enjoy looking at, whether driftwood from the beach or a piece of art. These should land on display, without making the space look like a rubbish yard.