Factors That Make The Living Room A Desirable Place

In this article, we look at the factors that make the living room a desirable place.

1. Make sure the key activities can be carried out comfortably.

The area should be organised to enable you to do all the activities comfortably. The condition of your room may limit you, but planning the key elements, including the location of the TV and the traffic flow, will help to choose a room more enjoyable.

2. Decrease the dominance of the tv set.

For those who have space in your living room, the tv set should be banished to another room. You might put a lightweight in the dining room, for example, or stuck in a job spare bedroom, and encourage children to watch their programmes there.

Once it’s started up, the tv set is a dominating force in the room, and demands your attention. This can halt the conversation.

3. Move other activities to different rooms.

Sometimes, too many activities take place in the living room. If therefore, why not move some of them to a new room. For example, you may well be capable of move the PC to a space under the stairs.

4. Arrange the traffic flow efficiently.

Persons should be able to sit and relax without others pushing past them to get to the telephone or the kitchen. You can accomplish that by organizing the furniture so that folks can walk behind the sofas.

Check how your sofas are arranged. Will be they pushed resistant to the wall membrane? Does this mean that folks have no option but to walk through the middle of the room, interrupting the conversation?

This kind of house living room schedules back to the 1600s, and has a rock inglenook fireplace. Low light contributes to a comfortable atmosphere, and two couches opposite the other person simply ask you to sit down. The family has subjected the ceiling beams, and also did away with a hall, to make the room larger.

5. Make sure there’s a place for your guest’s coffee cup.

Is there a coffee table, periodic table, or nest of tables close at palm so that guests can put a cup of tea on them?

6. Organise the storage for television, hi-fi, books, videos and CDs.

Some people like having their Cd albums on display, while others realize that they always look messy. But enough storage, whether on available shelves or behind sealed cupboard doors, is essential.

Some storage units will need your entire music and online video equipment, while others are more specialised (for example racks for CDs). You will have to make a decision which you want, and in what style. Designs range from high-tech dark-colored wire units to traditional-looking pine units.

Hi-fi devices often look messy, with a lot of walking wires. It is best to hide them away in a cabinet, until you have a little one.

7. Have different parts of the space for competing activities.

Maybe one person uses the PERSONAL COMPUTER while someone else looks after television? If so, you could create different areas in the room. To get example, at one end of the space you could have a table the place that the children can do groundwork. This could be far enough away to lessen the distraction from the tv.

8. Make sure the room is big enough.

If your room is small, consider bumping two rooms into one. Or swap rooms about, so that your living room is the biggest room in the house. If you re-name it your ‘family room’, you could decide to give it more space.

9. Alleviate the eye by adding pictures and mirrors.

Showcases greatly add to the light in an area, and the view they echo gives us something new to consider. Pictures and wall membrane hangings make a room feel more lived in, and less stark. Ensure that the colours in your pictures harmonise with your colour scheme.

10. Set newspapers and magazines in a magazine rack.

Or perhaps hide them under the sofa cushions. This is a surprisingly good location to keep them.